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gear drive

which is used for the transmission between crossing axes. Its transmission efficiency usually ranges from 0.94 to 0.98. The transmitted power for the conical gear drive with straight teeth can reach 370 kilowatts and its circumferential speed is about 5 meter per second.

hypoid Gear drive

 The one is widely used in the transmission of the cars and tractors, whose transmitted power is about 750 is used for the crossing transmission. Its loading capacity is quite low and its abrasion is also quite serious.


worm gear drive

which is the main type of the alternating axis transmission. Its alternate angle is about 90 degrees. This drive can get the very large drive ratio. Its rotating speed is about 30,000 revolutions per minute.  Its performance is quite stable and its transmission ratio is also very accurate.


Gear drive

Gear drive is a precision component. According to gears’ different working principles and applications, gear drivers can also be divided into various types. It can achieve the intended function relying on many aspects such as solid design, precise assembly, and high-quality components and so on.

gear drive
The so-called gear drive is a kind of mechanical drive that uses the meshing of the gear teeth to transmit the dynamic power and motion. In all mechanical transmission the gear drive is commonly used because it is characterized by the stable operation, high efficiency, long operation life and wide ranges of speed, size and so on. According to the relative position of the gear axial line, it can be classified into parallel axis cylinder gear transmission, crossing axis cone gear transmission, alternating axis spiral gear transmission and so on.

electric drive. It is an industrial system that can transform the electrical energy to mechanical energy. This drive system is not complicated. It makes use of electrical components to achieve its performance. Although it is very simple, it can still be used in many places such as home appliances, air compressors, music or image players, robots, etc. Besides, it can also be used in transportations like boats. This kind of system has many advantages. For instance, it can contain the control of wheel slip and slide which can lead to reducing the tire wears.

mechanical drive. Generally, it is used to provide a variable output speed from a constant speed power source or to provide torque increase for a variable speed power source as in an automobile. This category can be future divided into geared transmission, belt drives, chain drives and so on. As to the chain drives, they can provide infinitely variable speeds. The mechanical drives also have many advantages. 


hydraulic drive. It is also called the fluid drive. When the driving motor is operating at a constant speed, they are used to hydraulically change the speed of the driven load. This category can also be further divided into three basic types, i.e. individual hydraulic drive, central hydraulic drive, direct drive hydraulic drive. Like other types of gear drivers, they can also be used in various places. For example, they can be applied in drilling, anchor winches, deck machinery, and trawl winches, etc.


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